Insert “MEAT” Joke Here.

One of the great fears of any blog project is that an author will discover–after pouring tens, hundreds, or thousands of hours writing regular blog posts, reading and commenting on other blogs, doing research on their topics, etc.–that they have been talking to themselves.  However, as a blogger, you also know that one must earn readers with consistently well-written and researched posts and careful attention to reader’s comments and critiques–all of which takes time.

This blog is written because I believe it provides content that many folks are sorely in need of–specifically those persons who have spent hundreds of dollars sending out Ph.d applications and received, in return, a notice that they were accepted into a program for which they never applied.  While the U of C already hosts a plethora of pages describing the MAPH–and even a few blogs–what was missing when I first typed the acronym into a search engine was content created by 1) people not paid by the U of C, 2) people who were actually graduates or current students of the program–not just folks spouting off, and 3) that provided a day-by-day or week-by-week run down of how the program really worked.  Maphmatically yours is my attempt at filling the perceived gap while still fulfilling all the rest of my obligations during a very hectic year.

With the sadness and frustration that can only be known by a complete blogging newb, imagine my frustration at discovering that a Google search for MAPH or MAPH program didn’t even include this site for at least the first seven weeks after I started writing posts.  In fact–due to Google’s spell checking function–even the ridiculously specific search”maphmatically” is usually corrected to “mathematically yours” which oddly leads one to a Naruto fanfic.  What service could I possibly provide if no one could find my site?  What was the point of keeping all these balls in the air if the only folks checking in were friends and family?  (Which is not to say that I don’t love having all of you guys around!)

Thus, it is with great delight that I report that as of yesterday morning a Google search for “maph program” brings up maphmatically yours as the eighth hit–and only the second non-Uof C sponsored link–and “maph” lists this site as its tenth hit.  I have no idea what has brought about this change, but one friend with a tremendously large brain said that the sudden rocket to the top of the query cue probably had to do with traffic patterns associated with particular key words.  I take his explanation to mean: it is because of all of you!  So thanks for linking, lurking, and just plain showing up here.  I hope that I’ve provided some insight and a couple of laughs and I rest a little better at night knowing that come Spring when U of C sends out all those unsolicited acceptance letters people like the me of a year ago will be better able to find these posts.


2 comments on “Insert “MEAT” Joke Here.

  1. Good Angel says:

    Also, I confess, I’ve been purposefully using google to get here every time I visit, knowing that this pattern (especially with regard to the not exactly common search term “MAPH”) would eventually raise your g-rank. I remember the same google problems w/r/t “The New APPS” blog, searching for which would always bring up sites advertising new smartphone apps. But eventually the forces of smartness, good content, and loyal readers triumphed over the thickness of the google bot.

  2. Bill Hutchison says:

    I will take up Good Angel’s approach as well, because I still bear the scars of angst that came from not finding any third party writing about the MAPH program before the crapshoot that preceded signing my acceptance letter.

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