Hello all, this is a program note of sorts and I’m looking for your contributions.  As all of those pitiful souls known as MAPHers are aware, the third paper assignment comes out today in just a few hours.  I am considering the possibility of basically doing my paper live–that is, doing a series of posts Tues, Wednesday, Thurs, and Friday on the process of writing this analytic exposition on Lacan.  Now, if that is an intriguing idea to you, why?  What things would you like to see?  If reading through a blow by blow of someone crafting an academic paper sounds like the ninth circle of Hell, why?  What should I avoid writing about?

For an example of what I have in mind, check out my series “Academic Autopsy” which dissected the Hegel analytic exposition and laid bare all my concessions and work-arounds.  I’d love folks to leave comments on this site, but if you’d prefer, I can be reached by e-mail as well–just check the contact list circulated by the MAPH office for my personal email.


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  1. Not only yes, but hell yes. I’m interested in this for a variety of reasons. One is that crafting an academic work is like crafting an artistic work — there are a host of ways one could approach it, and seeing how different practitioners perform their work is always of interest. I think it would be tremendously insightful to potential MAPHers out there who, as we have discussed, may find in your blog what we were unable to find in our own research — information about the realities of the program unadorned by organizational (albeit necessary) propoganda. Additionally, I think the prospect of “performing” your paper under the eyes of an audience may create a very different and more conscious effect for you, the writer, than it otherwise might. I’m sure there are other reasons to do this, but I think it’s a fascinating idea.

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