Thanks to all those who have visited to watch the slow march of my “Anal-ytic Exposition Dump” series.  This evening Maphmatically Yours has broken its one day, one week, and one month hit records!  I hope that looking over my shoulder as I write has been illuminating–or at least entertaining.  While my experiment with liveblogging a paper is over, I have apparently started a trend.

Unlike my modest three page paper and somewhat pragmatic format, my friend Robert will be sharing his day to day progress on a full length scholarly paper in Boston College’s philosophy Ph.D. program.  His first post already sparkles with incisive clarity regarding the rarely considered first step that ought to begin any project at the grad level: situating one’s project in terms of larger, long term educational goals.  Later posts will–if Robert’s track record is any indicator–crystalize both what constitutes a great philosophy paper and insights into Husserl’s mereology.  So, if you were disappointed with my attempt to involve you in the nuts and bolts of scholarly philosophical writing or just left fascinated with attempts to make concrete individual modes of scholarship, consider subscribing to this Bifurcated Life.


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