Just a brief programming note…

I am very pleased to, again, welcome a guest blogger into the unworthy halls of Maphmatically Yours–this time to address that thorny issue of thesis adviser selection from an entirely different point of view.  That post will go up tomorrow afternoon and if I’m very, very lucky I might even get one more perspective on this issue before the January 30 deadline arrives.

Particularly observant readers will note the absence of a MAPH Week _____ post this past Sunday.  There are many reasons for this, and some are even legitimate, but in order to atone for my sins, look for a double sized post this coming Saturday and Sunday.

As always, thank to all of you… for a not particularly auspicious Monday, the site recorded 67 hits today which is beyond awesome.  Thanks for keeping Maphmatically Yours your only independent site for news and commentary on all things MAPHY.


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