MAPHman on Holiday!

Well, at least taking a holiday from the blog. Now, before any of you begin to mutiny, the first–and only “draft” of this year’s MAPH theses are due on Friday of this week–which explains why so many of us look decidedly frazzled. I am the chief among these, so all my spare–and not so spare–time is going into my thesis. So, I have no plans to post this week and would be quite surprised is there are more than a couple posts next week. I do have a potential MAPH student staying with me during Campus Days this year, so I’m sure that will deserve at least one reflection.

For those of you who feel deeply cheated and maltreated by my inability to write my thesis and keep this blog current… I’m sorry and I hope that you have nothing but free time as you take your turn in the MAPH thesis blender–but I have not been so fortunate.


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