This afternoon I shoved the last of my papers under professor’s doors and bull-dozed the giant stack of library books I’d borrowed from the Reg (Regenstein Library) back to the book drop.  The first quarter of MAPH is done and I’ll be doing a MAPH week in review post on Sunday as usual.  However, I wanted to leave a note for you guys as soon as possible to let you know what to expect from now through the holidays.

1) To keep the weekly MAPH roundup going–even when there aren’t any classes going–I’m going to post about the progress on my thesis.  Initially the focus will be on developing my annotated bibliography and observations on those readings.  As time goes on the goal will be to move from unstrung books toward the first stabs at a cohesive thesis proposal.  One post a week on Sunday afternoon–no more, no less.

2) I’ve got a ton of traveling and networking to do over the next few weeks so I’ll be scaling back from the normal three to five daily posts during the week to just one posted on Wednesday and another on Friday.  Bill will be coming on board on a semi-regular basis with a Monday post to fill out the weeks until the Winter quarter starts.

3) Every month Maphmatically Yours has more traffic than the month before and it’s all thanks to you guys!  Thank you for your comments, emails, and post ideas.  As a reward for your loyalty and support, beginning in January at least one post every two weeks will be a “people’s choice” based on questions, ideas, or insights that readers of this blog have put forward.  As we move into February and March, University of Chicago’s admissions committees will begin sending out rejection letters first and later the top ten percent will receive invitations to attend MAPH Campus Days in April.  Presumably, with a Google search for “MAPH Program” still recommending this site as the eighth hit–and only the fourth not affiliated with the University of Chicago, this place is going to get even busier in the coming months.


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